Episode 4 – Angus Florance and Steve Nguyen – Team Yammer

Episode 4, recorded on December 13, 2017. Ed and Dean were in Toronto for the Microsoft Tech Summit and had the chance to catch up with Angus Florance and Steve Nguyen of Yammer. As always, it was great to talk with such social collab superstars. We talked about their take on the 2017 Ignite conference and I asked Steve to re-tell the Houston story of how Yammer made a big difference to a company in the middle of the recent flood crisis.

Show Notes

Steve’s excellent post on the Yammer sessions at Ignite 2017 can be found here:

Microsoft Ignite 2017 Wrap Up and Sessions List

Episode 3 – Simon Denton, Engineer turned IT Enabler

Episode 3, recorded on November 29, 2017. Simon Denton joins us today to talk about his Yammer journey, how he went from being a civil engineer to working in IT and a bit about his highly entertaining sessions at Microsoft Ignite.

Show Notes

Simon’s Microsoft Ignite session on Teams and Yammer can be found here.

Simon and I did a session together at Ignite on mining Yammer data and that session can be found here.


Episode 2 – Social Media and Community Manager and Author Becky Benishek

This is episode 2, recorded on November 7, 2017, in this episode John, Ed, and Dean talk to Social Media Manager and Author Becky Benishek about managing an external Yammer network and the relationship between business and IT.

Show Notes

Here is the blog that describes the Business and IT relationship we discussed with Becky.

More information about Becky’s books can be found here.

Here is a link to the CPI and Yammer Success Story we discussed with Becky.



Episode 1 – Chris Slemp, Collaboration Strategist

In our first podcast, we had the privilege to sit down and talk with Chris Slemp (@cslemp), Collaboration Strategist at Carpool Agency. We asked Chris his thoughts from Microsoft Ignite, productivity, how we developed the Influencer Score with him and his thoughts on inner and outer loops.


Chris has a website with thoughts on “which tool when”

Chris and Dean co-hosted a session at Microsoft Ignite 2017 “Mining Yammer Data for Gold with Power BI”

“Inner and Outer Loops” – an excellent blog post by Chris.